Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Cakey goodness from CH

So I placed a HUGE order at Coconut Hut full of my favorite scents in various formulas. Of course, I couldn't resist ordering a sample pack of body butters to try out. Since I'm craving cake scents at the moment I decided to give these three a whirl.

Birthday Cake - Mmm, this is so yummy in the jar, and I don't really detect a difference between this version and Cleanse Your Soul's Birthday Cake scent. It's just eh on me though, but I may want to try it in a perfume.

Pink Cupcakes - This was nice in the jar - foody and cakey with a distinct "pink" note - but it was all sweet plastic on me. Ugh.

Triple Layer Cake - Ick. Something about this is way off but I can't put my finger on what. All of the notes sound great - vanilla ganache, yellow cake, buttercream and white chocolate - but it all adds up to an overly sweet cough syrupy scent.

Of course, my cake scent lust still isn't quelled - I'm eying quite a few over at Cleanse Your Soul. ;)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Some small orders

I can't believe how many things I finished up! I needed to restock so I placed an order at Coconut Hut and one at Bathed and Infused. I got my beloved Dole Whip creme and Pineapple Buttercream Cupcake scrub from CH, along with some samples of body butter:

Cake Batter - This was just eh both in the jar and on my skin. It was a nice cake scent on cold sniff, but very subtle - I really had to stick my nose in to get any scent! On my skin it was nice but faded to nothing within minutes. Oh well.

Pink Fairy Frosting - Ohhh this is amazing. It's actually very similar to Pink Almond Stardust (both in the jar and on my skin) but foody with a hint of strawberry. I feel a little ridiculous wearing something named this - it sounds more appropriate for a five-year-old - but the scent isn't too juvenile.

Pumpkin Caramel Swirl Cupcake - So delicious in the jar but not great on me. On cold sniff it's slightly spicy pumpkin pie but the caramel/cupcake notes make it nice and sweet. On me though it was sort of like spicy cake. I'm still on the fence and I keep trying it, but ultimately I think this is a scent that will only work in a scrub for me.

I also got a scrub in Pumpkin Pie a la Mode, which is so yummy I think I might be out of it before the holidays are over! I don't really smell the vanilla ice cream, just pumpkin pie, but it is fabulous.

Then I got a few things from Bathed and Infused, including a scrub in their delicious, dead-on, not-too-spicy Cinnamon Buns since I discovered I had used up the last of my Cinnamon Buns scrub last year. I was also completely out of a pumpkin pie moisturizer so I decided to try their in-between cream in it, and I'm in love! Texturewise it's very similar to CH's Polynesian Poi-Fection shea creme but a tad thicker. It moisturizes nicely but doesn't feel greasy, so I think this will definitely work year-round. I really like it a lot better than the lotion (too light and doesn't hold scent well) and the fluff (too thick), so I think all the moisturizers I get from BI from now on will be in this. I also got a couple of lotion samples. Even though I'm not crazy about the lotions, it's the best and cheapest way to really try out a scent.

Cake Batter - I liked this a lot better than CH's version, but it didn't agree with my skin. Overall I think I prefer sweeter birthday cake scents as opposed to plain cake batter (love the sweet frosting notes!)

Peppermint Patty - Mmmm, yummy! Nice even mix of peppermint and chocolate. Unfortunately this didn't work on me either. The mint went funny on me. It's odd since Cool Beans works on me, but this didn't. Oh well.

BI threw in a perfume paddle in Purple Pumpkin, which was...odd. It was like a fruity (grape? maybe berry?) pumpkin. I didn't care for it but if you like pumpkin it's an unusual twist. They also added a little rubber ducky with a 20% off code, which was an amazing surprise!

I'm in the process of ordering more scrumptious scents now that CH has its annual holiday gift bag deals going on, and I'm going to use my BI discount too, so more foody goodness is on its way. :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

More treats from Lipglossina!

I met up with her about a month ago and she gave me a big bag full of goodies to try, mostly Coconut Hut.

I received Polynesian Poi-Fection shea cream in the following scents:

Almond Coconut Milk - Oooh, this is lovely. I got addicted to Laura Mercier's Almond Coconut perfume over the summer when I bought her body bronzing makeup that is scented with it. Lena's version is a dead-on dupe (I dare say it's a little better than the original!) and better quality than Laura Mercier's moisturizers.

Honey I Shunk the Kids - I think this is meant to be a dupe of Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids. I never smelled the original so I can't compare, but so far it smells clean and fruity at the same time. I think I want to try Lush's version before I decide whether I like this or not!

Pink Almond Stardust - This is similar to Almond Coconut Milk, but with a hint of sweetness. Normally I steer clear of any scent that has "pink" in it, as it's too sweet for me, but this is amazing. It goes well with the Laura Mercier Almond Coconut perfume, but I'd like to layer it with the CH perfume in this scent too!

Pink Vanilla Mist - This is nice in the jar - fresh and sweet - but on my skin it turned to this weird herbally scent, with a little bit of spice (?). Strange. Oh well.

Lipglossina also bestowed a full-size Bobbi Brown Beach body spray, which I will no doubt use all of next summer, as well as a full-size bottle of Bliss Lid and Lash wash - this is an excellent makeup remover for my sensitive eyes, and it works equally well as a brush cleaner. Oh, and a small jar of Kate Somerville peptide moisturizing cream, which I have yet to try.

Monday, June 08, 2009

CH order

Been a long time since I've ordered e-tailer goodies - I just have so much I needed to slow down! But I couldn't resist a small sample order from Coconut Hut, plus I was out of my beloved Island Coconut shea creme. Here's what I got, all in the Polynesian Poi-fection shea creme:

Banana Mango Smoothie - I've been wanting a good banana scent for a while. Previously I had no interest in it, but for some reason last summer I decided I wanted to smell like a delicious banana coconut drink. This is delicious in the jar, but I seem to have misplaced the sample and can't try it on! If I find it I'll update this entry.

Coconut Goddess - This is a blend of Beach Goddess and Coconut Milk. Unfortunately this just went musty on me. I also didn't think it was that great in the container - other coconut scents like Diamond Coconut, Virgin Coconut and Island Coconut are superior.

Frozen Pineapple Crush - I smell a nice combination of pineapple and lime, heavier on the lime. While it wasn't great on my skin in this formula, I could definitely see this working better in a perfume.

Mango Colada - I was hoping for a pina colada scent with a touch of mango. Instead I got a generic fruity scent with a very faint touch of coconut. It was even worse on my skin.

On Cloud Lime - Love this! Delicious blend of coconut and very tart lime. The coconut really balances it out nicely. I'd love this in a perfume in addition to a moisturizer.

Tangerine Coco Smoothie - I didn't like this in the jar or on me. Sickly sweet and generally just off.

I also went digging around my closet in an effort to declutter and came across some random CH samples that had accumulated.

Cabana Boy (souffle) - I'd describe this as barely there banana. In the jar it's like it can't decide whether it wants to be fruity or a regular banana scent - the notes are fighting rather than harmonizing. On my skin it was a very faint, not-so-exciting banana scent. If you want a good yummy tropical banana scent check out the aforementioned Banana Mango Smoothie.

Fuzzy Blue Bunny (shea creme) - This was just way too juvenile for me, and this is coming from someone who loves to smell like chocolate or strawberries or some other equally child-like scent! It smells exactly like Bubblicious gum, very fake and artificial. Just not for me. I do think that if you have little ones they would love this.

Hawaiian Luau (souffle) - In the jar this is a nice basic fruity scent. It didn't really wow me though. Oddly enough it didn't turn on my skin. It's one of those scents that may be better layered with the perfume as well as the moisturizer.

Kauai Splash Cooler (shea creme) - Eh. Not great in the jar and certainly not good on my skin. Another generic fruity scent.

Mango White Grapefruit (shea creme) - I wanted to love this but on my skin it went musty! In the jar it's a lovely mix of mango and grapefruit. The grapefruit is nice and tart but muted by the sweetness of the mango.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

small CH and BI orders

Ack, so long since I've updated! I haven't been doing that much e-tailer shopping though. In any case here are some reviews on small orders I placed in the past couple months.

Coconut Hut (shea cremes)

Coconut Tsunami - Totally delicious in the jar, but it goes both plastic and musty on my skin. I may try it in a scrub eventually though. It's a very light, fresh coconut with a touch of sweetness.

Dole Whip - Mmmm! This is a lighter, more summery version of CH's Pineapple Buttercream Cupcake, which I love. It doesn't have the heavier, sweet notes and is perfect for summer.

Hawaiian Tropics Tanning Oil dupe - Oof. I had such high hopes for this but it's all plastic to my nose both in the jar and on me. :(

Lemonade Twister (scrub) - I thought I'd like this more in a scrub rather than the perfume (I tried it in an unsuccessful attempt to find something that smells like Philosophy's Pink Lemonade), but no luck. Still too sweet and cloying for me.

BB Beach dupe (salt scrub) - Dead-on dupe of my beloved Bobbi Brown Beach. I'll probably order the shea creme in this soon as I'm totally out of a moisturizer in this scent.

Bathed and Infused
I actually made 2 small orders with them in the past few months but for the sake of this post I'll combine the reviews into one.

Beach Sandals - This gets a lot of raves at MUA's bath and body board, but I'm not really getting the hype. Maybe it's beacause I only got this in the perfume paddle, but all I smell is a slightly floral note. The coconut is there but it's pretty much buried underneath the other notes. Perhaps it's better in a scrub or lotion.

Orange Cream Daquiri - Totally in love with this! For some reason this year smelling like an orange creamsicle is really appealing to me, so I gave this a shot. It's just like an orange creamsicle but with the added addition of a delicious, ever so slightly boozy coconut. It really does smell like an orange creamsicle cocktail. I don't see it on the scent list anymore so I think it was LE, but I ordered it during their summer sale and they still had some in stock.

Raspberry Lime Rickey - This was much heavier on the lime than the raspberry. As a matter of fact, I couldn't really smell the raspberry at all, just a very tart lime. If you like lime though give this a shot - it's very crisp and tart without smelling like a house cleaner.

Summer Lovin' - I have to admit that I got this partly because of the name and the fact that it's part of a very cute Grease-themed collection, but it's not the fruity goodness I was hoping for. I couldn't pick out any individual notes - it was just a generic sweet scent to me.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

IoE sale order

I can't remember which sale this was but it was a good one! Either 30 or 40% off and $2 shipping. IoE's turnaround time has greatly improved, I actually got this less than a month after I ordered (would have posted sooner but wanted to wait for things to cure.)

A Night to Remember - Wow, my first IoE scrub! The texture is perfect for me - very scrubby and not oily at all. However, I was disappointed with the scent. It didn't smell very peachy, just kind of a vague champagne scent (it was supposed to be a blend of peach and champagne.)

Blackberry Buttercream - Note to self: as with the raspberry, IoE's blackberry note is totally off. Very fake and weird. I tried letting it cure for about a month but to no avail.

Butterscotch Buttercream - Got this in the Baby Kisses body glaze. It's heavier on the buttercream than the butterscotch, but it's a really nice blend. Too bad it turned on me.

Butterscotch Daquiri - I got this in a roll-on. It's absolutely divine in the container - a delicious but not overly sweet butterscotch candy, like a Lifesaver - but on my skin it just went musty. Sigh.

Frosted Blackberry Marshmallows - See the Blackberry Buttercream entry above. I will say that the marshmallow component was really nice.

Frosted Strawberry Snowshake Cocktail - I was so upset I only got a body butter in this - it's divine!!! I managed to swap for a dream cream but I would love to have a body mist or perfume in it. It's a lovely strawberry with just a hint of sweetness - similar to BBW Frozen Strawberry Dacquiri (which I love and the IoE butter layers so nicely with the body splash) but not as sweet. Must order more strawberry scents!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

small CH order

I felt like I needed a little pick-me-up in February so I got a body butter sample pack from Coconut Hut.

Caramel Chews - I was so excited to try this in the butter after seeing how great the scrub was, but it didn't agree with me. I don't know why all caramel scents turn on me! It just smelled like overly sweet syrup.

Citrus Berry Mimosa- Ick. Just a generic, artificial fruit scent both in the container and on my skin.

Cupcake Icing - Totally yummy in the container. On my skin it wasn't as good but not bad either, so I'm still on the fence.

Lena also threw in a sample of Chocolate Seashell Beach. All I smell is chocolate, and on my skin it smells just like BI's Hot Cocoa. It's good scent to keep in mind for next winter if I just want a plain chocolate scent and run out of my BI fluff, but overall it's not a unique scent.