Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Cakey goodness from CH

So I placed a HUGE order at Coconut Hut full of my favorite scents in various formulas. Of course, I couldn't resist ordering a sample pack of body butters to try out. Since I'm craving cake scents at the moment I decided to give these three a whirl.

Birthday Cake - Mmm, this is so yummy in the jar, and I don't really detect a difference between this version and Cleanse Your Soul's Birthday Cake scent. It's just eh on me though, but I may want to try it in a perfume.

Pink Cupcakes - This was nice in the jar - foody and cakey with a distinct "pink" note - but it was all sweet plastic on me. Ugh.

Triple Layer Cake - Ick. Something about this is way off but I can't put my finger on what. All of the notes sound great - vanilla ganache, yellow cake, buttercream and white chocolate - but it all adds up to an overly sweet cough syrupy scent.

Of course, my cake scent lust still isn't quelled - I'm eying quite a few over at Cleanse Your Soul. ;)